Myra is a devoted girls’ camp counselor whose familiar summer routine is overturned when the camp converts from all-girls to co-ed. As the weeklong camp progresses, she begins to suspect that the carefree adventurousness of Alex, the new male counselor, is actually calculating endangerment of the kids. Yet as she increasingly fears for the kids’ safety, she also finds herself attracted to his charismatic enthusiasm — which coincidentally aligns with escalating accidents.

The incidents pile up, but every time Myra accuses Alex, he diffuses her anger. After all, these are accidents. No one is causing them. No one could cause them. Not without being exceptionally cunning.

As Alex manipulates Myra’s perceptions and emotions, he draws her closer to him. He creates a game that she avoids acknowledging yet continues playing. Each turn alters her reactions, their relationship, and the kids’ lives.


New chapters published every Wednesday and Saturday from June 7 - August 30.

About the author

Julia Kroll wrote Hidebehind in early 2016 and published it as a 25-part web serial throughout summer 2017. She drew inspiration from her childhood experiences during summer camps and family vacations in northern Wisconsin. She currently lives in Cambridge, MA.

Correspondence may be addressed to hidebehind.novella [at] gmail [dot] com.


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